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Crown Braid Hair Style

By braiding the crown hair and allowing the remaining hair to frame the fact you can achieve an interesting contrast of textures.

Crown Braid Instructions : Learn How To Make Crown Braid Hair Style

  1. Clip up the top hair on the one side of your head, leaving the back hair free. Take a small section of hair at ear level and comb it straight.
  2. Start braiding quite tightly, doing one cross (the right strand over the centre strand, the left strand over the centre again) and gradually bring more hair into the outside strands.
  3. Continue in this way, taking the braid towards the back of the head.
  4. Make another parting about 25 mm/1 in parallel to and above the previous braid and repeat the process. Continue in this way untill all the front hair has been braided. Scrunch the remaining hair into fulsome curls to increases the volume. Finally, add a decorative Alice band.

Tip :- The volume of the curls can be increased by tipping your head forwards, then applying styling spray and scrunching the hair lying underneath.

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