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French Braid - How to Make French Braid Hair Style

Your beauty and face appearance depends a lot on your hair style. If you have long hair then you can try out French braid, which looks elegant, beautiful and it is very easy too. French Braid is the popular hairstyle method for people since the beginning of time. If you have long hair, french braid is just one way you can fix your hair and make it look stylish. In order to French braid your hair, you must first comb your hair thoroughly. The French braid is appropriate for the everyday look, exercise, and formal events. It looks good on people of all ages and is easy to create on yourself in just about ten to fifteen minutes.

French Braid Instructions : Learn How To Make French Braid Hair Style

This elegant, sophisticated braid looks complex but it does get easier with practice.

  1. Take a section of hair from the front of the head and divide into three strands.
  2. Braid once; that is take the right strand over the centre, and the left over the centre, and the right over the centre.
  3. Maintaining your hold on the braid with your fingers, use your thumbs to gather in additional hair (approximately 12.5 mm/1/2 in strips) from each side of the head and add these hair to the original strands. Braid the strands once again.
  4. Continue in this way, picking up more hair as you continue down the braid. Secure with a covered band and add a scrunchie, or you can also decorate it with jewelled pin, tiny flowers, beads or other hair accessories.

Just remember practice make men perfect. If french braid is not ready by your first attempt then just do another attempt to make french braid. Good Luck! And be patient

French Braid French Braid.

Tip : - Shorter front layers can be woven into this type of braid for example when growing out a fringe.

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