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The Punk Hair Style

One of the major outer signs that say a person is "punk" is the punk hair style, the only hair style that has lasted over twenty years...

Over the past few seasons, punk fashion has transcended from campy to cool. One example of this is the media interest in Kelly Osbourne's eccentric style. The same people who once mocked her for her fashion sense are now clinging onto her bootstraps for advice about how to avoid a fashion faux pas.

The punk hair style has basically stayed the same, with a few changes here and there to fit the times (70's punk, 80's punk, 90's punk and so on).

Steps for Punk Hair Style

  1. Put the hair in three ponytails, starting at the middle of the crown and going to the middle of the back.
  2. Wrap one Feather wrap piece around each one of the ponytails. Use the wrap like you would a ponytail holder, twisting it around the ponytail until it is secure. On the second wrap bring your ponytail through halfway so that you own ends blend with the Feather wrap piece. Secure with bobby pins if necessary.
  3. Style the hair forward and spray to create more volume.

For the Punk Look:

For a glam-punk look use a smoothing iron to get root lift staright upwards in small sections. When hair is cooled separate sections with a polishing wax pulling strands down to create a random fringe.

When dressing punk rock style, forget about anything frou-frou, frilly or feminine. Paris Hilton is not your inspiration here girls! Think more along the lines of graphic muscle tees emblazoned with dissident messages such as Rock the System and jeans spray painted with your own personal graffiti.

Another point to remember when dressing like a punk rocker is that you should not ignore colour. Although black is the theme colour, it creates a far more dramatic effect when combined with neon pink, dark turquoise, bright red or royal blue.

Punk rock is all about making your own mark against the restrictions of the establishment - so whatever you choose to wear nzgirls, wear it with individuality and rock on!

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